Comparing "Hour" and "In Paris With You"

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Stage 1:



In Paris With You


Love (How wonderful it is)

Love (How it isn't always perfect)


Love with a sinister twist

Heartbreak, dealing with the aftermath of the relationship


Time is precious and don't forget about your other relationships. E.g. family and friends

The effect of a heartbreak and rebound

Stage 2:



In Paris With You




Worried-that time is running out

"time hates love" 

In love- from the romantic imagery and the repetition of


So absorbed in each other-use of hyperbole 

"Your hair like treasure on the ground"

Shows the reader that the poet decides to use this particular technique because it shows that they feel that everything is so perfect.

Anger- from being cheated on/walked out on, upset following the breakdown of his last relationship

"Yes I am angry at the way I've been bamboozled"

Heartbreak-in pain from the way he has been treated by his ex

"talking wounded"

Brings sympathy to the narrator because using a war image

 means that he feels like his heart has been smashed into

a thousand pieces 

Feels sorry for himself-

"I get tearful"

Stage 3:



In Paris With You

What techniques are used

And what effect do they

Have on the reader:

References to fairy tales- but not any fairy tales, not the ones that have happy traditional endings. The Rumplestiltskin story is quoted

"love spins gold, gold, gold from straw"

At first glance the reader can interpret this quote as that love can make a bad situation better but when the reader realises that it is actually a reference to Rumplestiltskin then there is a darker message in there the reader realises that the couple are actually greedy like the characters in the fairy tale.

The King Midas story is also quoted

"limbs turn into gold"

This refers to the story where King Midas does a good deed and gets granted such a special thing and starts using it randomly (greed again) but then turns his daughter into gold. (Shows the effect of love, being greedy and this can lead to bad things)


"Bright as a dropped coin"

It makes the reader imagine of a


Bethany Cunningham

Hope this helps. Just wanted to share my notes with everyone else. Hope it helps I got an A for this answer. It must have done some good.


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Bethany Cunningham

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Conor Johnson

Incredibly useful as you showed me how to compare poems about time and relationships.

Bethany Cunningham

Thanks Conor, yep I thought they were the main themes to compare. I would recommend the CGP guide if you need reference to them all.


what poems wont come up? or highly likely to come up???


Thanks, this comparison is great x

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