Essay - Text 23 and 24 comparison

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Compare the ways text 23 and 24 present information about food to a reader

The creator of text 23 aims to attract its audience using more visual techniques where as the creator of text 14 uses more linguistic features throughout the crisp packet. The purpose of each crisp packet is to inform the audience and persuade them to buy their product rather than their opposition such as big brands in their market.

Text 23 presents its company name in a handwritten font which gives the brand an original identity and helps it stand out and be remembered amongst its competitors. The dominant picture of the colonel, text 23, gives the crisp packet character and makes the crisp packet memorable through character association. This technique is also evident in the salty dog crisp packet by using a dog as its trade mark. The colonel of text 23 indicates the target audience as an older generation and could be suggested the target gender to be males this is because the character and the rest of the context uses a war theme throughout therefore the older generation can relate to this time era. The character of the salty dog creates a connotation of family which fits the rest of the family home theme throughout its context. This shows that the target audience is much wider due to the majority whom can relate it to their family life. Within the Jalopeno pepper crisp packet the medal and logo in the top left corner on the front links to the British colonel which suggests it is a powerful  and has more meaning as a product. The logo for salty dog is tilted to one side on the front and back gives an informal look to the packet which differs to the formal look of the Jalapeno pepper crisp packet. 

The creator of text 23 has been carefully selected to appeal to its target audience and to relate to the flavour of the crisps.The creator has presents a fiery hot red around the 'Jalapeno pepper' flavour of the crisps and the hair of the colonel - the dominant picture-which relates to the flavour showing the audience that the crisp flavour has spice and suggests a connotation of fighter which fits in with the war theme throughout the crisp packet. The background of the crisp packet can also give an indication to its target audience in which the colour beige that is considered to…


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