Community Cohesion: The UK as a multi ethnic society

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Community Cohesion


The UK as a multi-ethnic society



Discrimination-Treating people less favourably because of their ethnicity/gender/colour/class.

Ethnic Minority-a member if an ethnic group(race) which is much smaller than the majority group

Multi-ethnic society-many different races and cultures living together in one society.

Prejudice-believing some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them.

Racism- the belief that some ethic groups are superior to others.


The problems of discrimination and racism

  • Racially prejudiced employers will not give jobs to certain ethnic groups, religously prejudice employers will not give jobs to certain religous groups.
  • Prejudiced landlordd are likely to refuse accomodation to certain ethnic groups or religions.
  • If teachers are prejudcied against certain ethnic minorities or religous groups, they might discriminate in their teaching so that those pupils do not achieve the results of which they are capable.
  • Prejudiced police officers could potentilly…


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