Community Cohesion

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How have attitudes changed towards women?

  • Equal pay 
  • Equal rights
  • Both men and women can now file for a divorce
  • Women have the right to vote

Why have attitudes changed towards women?

  • Human rights
  • Suffragettes
  • WW1 and WW2
  • Sex discrimination act

What are the Roman Catholic veiws towards the roles of women?

  • Men are more important in the church - Jesus was a man
  • In society men and women should be equal
  • Only men should be preists 
  • Genesis 2 says that Adam was made first

What are the Liberal Prodestant veiws towards the roles of women?

  • WOmen are allowed to be preists
  • Men and women are always equal
  • 'All one in christ'
  • 'Made in God's image'

What are the Evangelical veiws towards the roles of women?

  • Men and women are different 
  • Women created evil - Eve
  • St Paul said ''women may not talk in church''
  • They follow tradition of the bible 

What is the nature of Britian as a multi-ethinic country?

  • Immagrants - British empire
  • Common wealth 
  • E.U
  • 1st settlers on british soil were of different ethinicitys

What are the problems of Britian as a multi-ethnic country?

  • Isolation - Terrorists
  • Riots/Cultural Differences
  • Racism 
  • Prejudice

What are the advantages…


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