Community and Tradition

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Church as a means to Faith


Believe Church was founded by Jesus and build on apostles it Keeps Christian faith through teaching and worship it’s the means to salvation.


 People are saved from sins through faith and Sacraments.


 the 4 aspects to the Church Known as 4 marks are 


one Church, one faith, one God.


HOLY- all members called to be holy as God, with Holy Spirit help


CATHOLIC- a world wide family, with the same faith in God.


APOSTOLIC- Jesus taught the Apostles, authority he gave them to teach the true faith is passed on to Bishops, and the Pope who is Peters successor.


 Pope and Bishops interpret faith of the Bible and teachings passed from Apostles (Apostolic Tradition) They form the Magisterium. 


the Church teaches Christian beliefs, How to have faith in god during preparation for sacraments.


the Sacraments give spiritual strength to believe and live like a Catholic Church as a means to Salvation. 


 Salvation comes Through baptism when original sin is washed away.


 Through sacrament of Reconciliation when priest gives absolution.


During Penitential Rite, at beginning at mass, with opportunity to confess sins Church as the Body of Christ.


 St. Paul referred to the Church as the Body of Christ.


it Shows all members carry on work of Christ.


Through members of the Church people still meet Jesus Communion of Saints.


 Death doesn’t separate Christians,All Christians are joined, whether living or in heaven or purgatory . this means all Christians can pray for each other


Authority of the Bible 


The Bible is inspired by the  Holy Spirit.


it is the Word of God 


As God speaks through the Old and New Testament 


Old Testament give laws which guided the Jews it Also gives prophesies about the coming of Jesus.the New Testament records life, death and the resurrection of Jesus and his teachings it Also records beginning of the Church Apostolic Tradition and Succession.


Jesus gave Apostles teachings, he Passed this message by word of mouth and from that it was written Gospel.


Because their guided by Holy Spirit, the magisterium passes on the true faith and teachings of Jesus  beliefs about the Authority of the Church


Non-conformist Churches. these are churches that broke away from Rome 16th century  examples of these


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