Community Cohesion - a really quick summary

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Changing Gender Roles


  • less traditional jobs for women (e.g women can be doctors/engineers/lawyers)
  • world Wars
  • women are allowed to vote
  • 1970's equal pay act
  • women in the army


  • less traditional roles (e.g stay at home dads)
  • men are willing to cook, clean, hairdress,teach
  • men in the arts
  • men as nurses

How and why

  • Voting - change in law (Suffragetes)
  • Job choice - effect of wars
  • Women are better educated - contraception and equal rights legislation
  • Men in childcare - change in attitudes

Still some inequalities

  • nurses still seen as feminine
  • men still earn 17% more than women
  • women and jobs (career breaks)
  • girls achieving high grades in exams

Women in Religion


  • "God created male and female in his own image"
  • Jesus appeared to women first after resurrection
  • Women leaders in the early church (frescos in Rome)
  • "There is neither gentile nor Jew..."


  • Jesus


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