community and tradition

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importance of muhammad as seal of prophets

  • the qur'an says he gave the undistorted message of allah
  • there will never be a need for another prophet as his last message cannot be changed
  • he is the perfect muslim so is a role model to many

why does the qur'an have supreme authority

  • it is the absolute word of allah
  • revealed through muhammad who is the ideal muslim
  • contains all teachings needed to know to gain entrance to paradise
  • first great miracle of allah and shows his power
  • some muslims believe that the qur'an is a copy of a heavenly original

how and why the qur'an is shown respect

  • the qur'an is put on the top shel above other books to show its authority
  • it is wrapped in cloth to prevent it getting dusty
  • it is touched with a special pointer to prevent it getting dirty
  • it is followed word for word and is only read or recited when muslims are in the right frame of mind
  • because.. it is allahs word and allah is the most important aspect of life

importance of the shari'ah law

  • it contains the law that allows muslims to access the straight path of islam and be the best muslim they can be
  • contains the qur'an and the sunnah
  • provides guidance on what muslims should eat, wear and do in certain situations so gives guidance and strength- preventing them from feeling alone
  • gives what muslims shouldnt do e.g. adultery

importance of ummah

  • worldwide muslim communtiy reflects the oneness of god 
  • creates strong  bonds between muslims and prevents them from feeling alone in the world as the ummah understand the struggles
  • allows all the muslims to feel…


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