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We are introducing guest bloggers to our blog, to make sure you get a variety of information from different sources. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions to a wide variety of industry people, and more importantly gives you a chance to tell us who you want to hear from. If you have any ideas of interesting people involved with phones that you would like to see write on our blog about app reviews, let us know. To start us off, I’m pleased to introduce Lee Williams from troubleshooter aficionados Geek Squad:

Lee WilliamsI’m Lee and have been with the Geek Squad since February 2007. I work as a double agent mostly visiting homes to kill all your spyware, and make computers do what you want them too. My specialties lie in Macs and Mobile Phones so as my first blog post I have given you a quick run through some of the steps you can go through if your phone misbehaves. Hopefully it will be a help to some of you!

Its amazing how many people have problems with phones and do not know basic steps to follow on how to fix them, especially when you consider how importantly mobile phones feature in people’s lives. What I am going to tell you about now are the steps I go through to fix a problem:

1. Turn the phone on and off

It may sound obvious but whenever I get someone who cannot make a call, cannot text or even some keys do not work the first thing I ask them is, have you tried turning your phone on and off. We refer to it as a power cycle and it can fix a lot of problems, a customer will often ask me why should they have to do that. You must bear in mind that most mobiles are on 24/7 there are not many electrical devices that have the same demands put upon them. By performing a power cycle you are giving the phone a breather.

2. If the problem still exists


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