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  • laminated means two or more different textile layers joined to provide enhanced technical properties
  • engineered to be wind or waterproof, lightweight, durable
  • done by an adhesive or thermoplastic quality 
  • made breathable by the use of microporus membranes often hidden between an outerlayer or lining
  • microporus membrane has tiny holes to allow water vapour to pass through fabric but is too small for raindrops
  • in a hydrophilic membrane, warm water from perspiration 'wicks' through the fabric to the cooler outside
  • MVT - moisure vapour trasnport means fabrics that wick away moisture quickly


  • combines a high number of very fine fibres into one yarn
  • 60-100x finer than a human hair
  • can be blended with synthetics
  • used in technical fabrics
  • all…


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