Collecting Data

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A common method of collecting data for a survey is to use a questionnaire. Questionnaires take many forms, and are carried out using a variety of methods.

The four main methods of collecting data are:

  1. face to face
  2. by phone
  3. by post
  4. via the internet

There are pros and cons for each for example a face to face is great if you are going to ask long complicated questions but is bad as the person is more likely to lie.


So once you have picked your method you then need some questions. There is 5 different types that you should know about. 

  1. yes/no answers 
  2. tick boxes
  3. numbered responses
  4. word responses
  5. questions which require a sentence to be written

Whatever type you pick you need to always remember C.A.B.L.E


  • Does it cover all answers?  If


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