Cold War - 1

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Cuban Revolution 1959

Cuba is only 145km from Florida so the USA to interest in what happened there, they :

  • Owned major industries (sugar, tobacco, alcohol)
  • US tourists enjoyed holidays there
  • Had a massive US naval base at Gurantanamo

Since 1940 Cuba had been ruled by a military dictator, Batista, and the USA supported him despite he was unpopular and corrupt, as he was anti-communist. Bastista allowed many large US owned businessmen and the Mafia to make huge profits ina country where most people lived in poverty. In 1959 a rebel, Castro began a guerrilla war and soon overthrew the government.

Castro wanted to get rid of all American influences, he did this by:

  • Shutting down gambling casinos and brothels
  • Nationalised American businesses
  • He seized $1000 million worth of American property and gave the land to the ordianary Cuban farmers.
  • He forged close links with the USSR
  • Khrushchev sent him advisors and military equipment.

The USA was furious by these actions and withdrew from diplomatic relations with Cuba. In April 1961 Kennedy authorised an invasion of Cuba by CIA-trained anti-Castro Cuban exiles. They landed on the Bay of Pigs…


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