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Aureus (15/12BC), two men giving Augustus triumphal branches. - shows how Augustus let people have triumphs even though he had forbidden them after his triple triumph. Shows he values the two people ( presumed to be Tiberius and Drussus). That he allowed them to have high honours like him

Aureus (13BC), Augustus head left, Agrippas head right. - Shows him believeing Agrippa to be his equal, Agrippa wearing naval crown shows the honour/power that Augustus awarded Agrippa

Denarius (13BC), Augustus head left, Aug+Agrippa sharing tribunician power right. - Shows he shared his supreme power that he created with others who he thought equal

Coin (after 2BC), augustus left, Gaius+Lucius right with weapons and priestly symbols. - Shows he could help people with titles and up-ing them in the religious/social/political leader with titles and roles


Denarius (29/27BC), victory on prow of ship. aug in chariot right - celebrates defeat at actium. Victory on ship suggest naval victory.  Aug in chariot suggests triumph for his deeds.

Denarius (27BC) Aug head left, crocodile right. - croc=symbol of egypt, inscription around croc=egypt captured. coin shows aug capturing egypt and it becoming a province. the success of aug through military.

Aureus (15/12BC) two men giving Augustus triumphal branches. - suggests that Augustus was behidn all military


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