Cognitive Psychology Introduction

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The word "cognitive" comes from the latin word "cognito" meaning to understand, to apprehend or know.

Cognition - The activity of internal mental processing.

Cognitive Psychology - Looking at the mental processes that underlie behaviour. Study of people learning, structuring, storing and using knowledge.

Clarks's Nutcracker - Stores long term memory for finding food in winter buried in the Spring. It buries 30,000 pine nuts in different places constrained to a 15 mile radius. They have developed better spacial memory.


Origins of Memory - Memory and learning abilities in animals are all adaptions to solve problems linking Charles Darwin (Theory of Evolution).

Animals, like humans remember better when it's a field they're specifically interested in.

Duration - A measure of how long a memory lasts before it is no longer available. STM has a very limited duration whereas LTM has potentially unlimited duration.

Duration of Short Term Memory - Memory concerning immediate events. Short Term Memories last for a a very short time (15-18 seconds) and disappear unless rehearsed. Referred to as working memory because it is used in comprehending language and solving problems.

Duration of Long Term Memory - Memory for events that have happened in the past. This lasts anywhere from 2 minutes-100 years…


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