Cognitive psychology

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Capacity: a measure of how much information can be stored in the STM and LTM. Capacity of STM is thought to be 7 + or - 2 and for LTM it is thought to be unlimited.

Cognitive interview: a procedure used by the police to help eyewitnesses recall information more accurately. During the interview the witness is encouraged to relax and recall everything they can remember, no matter how trivial the information appears. During the recall police do not ask questions or interrupt the witness.

Duration: a measure of how long information is held in the memory. In STM the duration if not rehearsed is less than 30 seconds. In LTM the duration of information may be a lifetime.

Encoding: the form in which information is stored in memory. In STM information is thought tone stored acoustically. In LTM information is stored semantically.

EWT: descriptions of events given by people who were present at the time e.g. Descriptions of people, places and sequences of events etc.

Flashbulb memory: an accurate and long-lasting memory of details of the context…


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