cognitive key issue - flashbulb memory

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Cognitive Key issue: Flashbulb Memory


·        Flashbulb memory is when an event so powerful that people see it as if they have taken a photo of it and they can retrieve the whole event in great detail for a long time after it happened.

·        Researchers use the phrase ‘now print’ to explain such memories because it was as if the whole episode was a snapshot and imprinted in the memory as such.

·        Features of flashbulb memory are that they are vivid and can potentially last a person’s lifetime.

·        Some believe flashbulb memory is a special memory created by intense emotion.  

·        They are detailed memories of particular events such as national tragedies like the London bombings.

·        Others argue they are just rehearsed memories which are not in fact unusual at all.

·        Researchers would like to explain how flashbulb memories are stored, partly because this is of interest, but also partly to see if this helps to explain how we remember. This issue is what leads to “flashbulb” memories and how they can be explained.



·        Brown and Kulik (1977) described the idea of


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