Cognitive explanation of schizohprenia

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See the cause of schizophrenia as a problem with processing information. 

Schizophrenics have distorted beliefs and those beliefs infuence their behaviour. 

they may believe that a neutral comment from someone was directed at them negatively.

They have an inability to reflect on their own thoughts and behaviour, therefore they are unaware their behaviour and thoughts are carried out by themselves and are from an outside force or agency.

Negative symptoms are thought to be cuased by an inability for schizophrenics to use the cognitive processes that are repsonsible for initiating their own actions e.g. social withdrawal is due to not initiating contact with family and friends.


  • Bentall et al 1991 gave schizophrenics with hallucinations, shizophrenics without hallucinations and non-schizophrenics, either a list


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