Cognitive Development: Influences on Education

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Application of Research into Cognitive Development: Educating Children


The application of research shows how the research that has been done has been put into real life situations. Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s research into cognitive development has been applied in the way children are educated. They came up with very different explanations of how we develop and how we become thinkers. They have been applied into school because it helps the understanding of how children develop as they get older. Vygotsky applied his work into the classroom whereas Piaget did not. This means that they have separate influences on education. I think that the research that they have done has benefitted the education system as it is now clearer on how children develop and progress in their learning.


Piaget’s Influence on Education

Piaget came up with the concept of readiness which means that children are only able to learn what their stage allows them to. An example of this is gifted and talented children, who are able to learn further because their stage of development is further than other children. Everything that a child learns from should be tailored to their individual needs.

The second idea is that education should be child


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