Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy links to the assumption that psychological problems are due to mental processes, although the approach does consider other causes of behaviour to some extent. Faulty thinking is seen as the initial causes of maladaptive behaviour. CBT involves identifying maladaptive thinking (the cognitive process) and then developing coping strategies, which is the behavioural change. This therapy aims to change the sort of thoughts that cause people to suffer from psychological problems. 

CBT involves both the cognitive and the behaviourist approaches, as the therapy aims to reverse the learning process (behaviourist), and change maladaptive thoughts (cognitive.) By combining both approaches, this can be an effective way of dealing with the problem of symptom substitution, because cognitive therapies tackle some aspects of causation.

This therapy would begin with someone who has a mental disorder such as depression for example. Their disorder is said to be due to negative thinking. The therapist


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