Cognitive interview Geiselman

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Mental reinstatement of original context: Mentally recreate physical and psychological environment of original incident. The purpose is to increase access to memories as appropriate contextual and emotional cues can help to retrieve memories.

Report everything: Report every detail even if it seems irrelevant. Memories are interconnected so recollection of one item can be a cue for many other memories. And the recollection of small details can be pieced together from different witnesses to form a clearer picture of the event.

Change order: Rationale behind this is our recollections are influenced by schemas (general expectations) of how something will go/be. By changing order this prevents our pre-existing schemas from having influence over our recollection.

Change perspective: E.g. imagining how it would appear to other witnesses present at the time. This also disrupts the effect of a schema on recall. 


Research into effectiveness - Meta-anaysis of 53 studies showed an avergae of 34% increase of correct info generated by CI compared to standard interviewing (Kohnken…


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