Cognitive classic study: Baddeley (1966)


To see if LTM was like STM; if in LTM acoustic similarity of words would lead to more memory impairment than semantic similarity of words.

Procedure (Third part of his overall experiment)

  • Sample: A lab experiment was used and participants were made up of males and females selected from 'The Applied Psychology Research Unit'. They were put into independent groups.
  • Four conditions: Condition A ppts learned a list of 10 accoustically similar words (man, cab, can), Condition B learned 10 acousticaly dissimilar words (pit, cow, pen), Condition C learned  10 semantically similar words (great, large, big) and Condition D learned 10 semantically dissimilar words (good, hot, safe).
  • Each list of 10 words was shown on a projected at a rate of one word every three seconds in the correct order. Afterwards, the participants completed six tasks involving memory for digits.
  • They were then asked to recall the word list in one…


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