Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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CBT-Most commonly used psychological treatment for depression as well as other mental health problems (anxiety etc) 

What is CBT?

It is a form of 'talk therapy'

It is a method for treating mental disorders based on both behavioural and cognitive techniques

From the cog point of view therapy aims to deal with the thinking,such as challenging negative thoughts

It focuses on 'here' and 'now' problems/difficulties-Instead of focusing on the causes of distress/symptoms in past,it looks for ways to improve the state of mind now

Most common features of CBT:

-Client recognises connection between thoughts,mood & behaviour

-Client identifies their negative automatic thoughts (cognitions)

-Client examines evidence for & against their distorted thoughts 

-Client learns to substitute biased cognitions for more realistic ones

-Client learns to identify&alter their own beliefs 

-Behavioural activation-client encouraged to take part in pleasurable activities to provide positive feelings about the self

-Homework-tasks to allow for testing of irrational beliefs & put new rational beliefs into practice,for example keeping a thought diary

It involves meeting with the therapist for between 5-20 weekly/fortnightly sessions-Each session lasting between 30-60minutes

Evaluation of CBT:


*Effective-Research evidence to support this

March 2000-A study found that when 3 groups were…


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