Cognitive Approach to Explaining Depression

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1) Beck's Negative Triad

  • a person develops a dysfuctional view of themselves because of 3 types of negative thinking that occur automatically regardless of the reality happening at the time
  • the 3 types of negative thinking are:
    • the self- such thoughts enhance any existing depressive feelings because they confirm the existing emotions of low self esteem
    • the world - creates the impression that there is no hope anywhere
    • the future - such thoughts reduce any hopefulness and enhance depression
  • this triad of negative thoughts creates a 'cognitive vulnerablility' that may then lead to severe negative emotions and depression

2) Ellis' ABC model

  • depression is a result of irrational thoughts
  • not events themsleves that make a person think in an anxious or negative way but how they think about the events
  • thinking and beliefs direct our feelings and behaviour so irrational thinking can prevent a person from behaving rationally
  • an Activating event (A) leads to a Belief (B) which might be rational or irrational, and this belief leads to Consequences (C)
  • it is argued rational beliefs lead to healthy…


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