Cognitive approach (strengths and weaknesses)

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  • a strength of the cognitive approach is the practical applications that can be developed from the research. the research brings something useful to society to contribute to knowledge and understanding of peoples behaviour. this can be applied to help people and society. Eg Y&S idenitifed 52 thinking errors in offenders serving time in Washington DC - these findings can help lead to applications such as CBT. by changing the way criminals think and getting rid of the thinking errors it may help to change their behaviour and reduce criminal activity. This is a strength as the findings from research into cognitive processes can be used to develop practical applications, such as CBT, which help to benefit indivs and society which is one of psychologys main aims.
  • the research often uses scientific methods of investigation to ensure control of extraneous variables, enhancing reliability and our ability to draw confident conclusions about how the behaviour develops. EG B-C. all participants saw the same 10x15cm black and white photos of eyes for 3 seconds. as b-c ensured


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