Coasts, Waves and Tides

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Definition: The bindary between the land and and the sea.

Classification of Coastlines:

  • According to shape
  • The materials that form [make] them.

According to Shape:

  • Exposed Coastlines: These coastlines have no barrier between the land and the sea.
  • Indented Coastline: These coastlines have barriers between the land and the sea.

According to material:

  • Shingle [Pebbles]: These are made up of small rocks and pebbles.
  • Sandy
  • Rocky
  • Marshy/Muddy.

Properties of Coastlines:

  • Seaside activities present
  • The vegetation is peculiar
  • Sea air present
  • Present of Lighthouses
  • Near a large body of water.

Waves and Tides:

  • A wave is caused by the effects of wind, pushing it towards the coast. It is defined as moving water on the sea, caused by wind and heading towards the coast.
  • A wave has more energy when:


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