Types of erosion 

Corrasion-Caused by large waves hurling beach material against a cliff

Attrition-When waves cause rocks and boulders on the beach to bump into each other and to break up into small particles

Corosion (solution-When salts and other acids in the sea slowly dissolve a cliff

Hydraulic pressure-When the force of waves compressing air cracks in a cliff

Erosional Landforms 

The erosion of cliffs (

  1. Weather weakens the top of the cliff.
  2. The sea attacks the base of the cliff forming a wave-cut notch.
  3. The notch increases in size causing the cliff to collapse.
  4. The backwash carries the rubble towards the sea forming a wave-cut platform.
  5. The process repeats and the cliff continues to retreat.

Headlands are formed when the sea attacks a section of coast with alternating bands of hard and soft rock.


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