coasts- key terms

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key terms 

Geolgy: It is the nature and sturcture of rocks.

Marine Erosion: The wearing away of rocks by the action of the sea.

Sub-Aerial processes: Processes active on the face and top of cliffs.

Mass Movement: Where the waves are weakining the cliff creating; mudslides, landslides and rock fall.

Abrasion: Particles and pebbles moved by the wave; it is then gradually worn away.

Hydraulic Pressure: Waves have energy to pick large quantities of sand and stone, they are then hurled over the edge of the cliff face. 

Attrition: Waves breaking against the base of the clif. Air is the forced in the cracks which then breaks them apart. 

Solution: Salt crystals are formed as the water evaporates forcing rocks to break away. 

Wetting/Drying: Soft rock expands when it it wet and then contracts when it is dry, this is caused by the weakness in the rock. 

Consolidated Rock: Rock that has a strong structure and is hard to…


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