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inputs processes outputs

  • wind (fetch) erosion sediment sinks
  • waves transportation engery
  • sediment (fluvial/cliff) deposition
  • currents sub-aerial
  • tides mass movement
  • solar energy

Cliff sediment is dependant on the type of material, structure and dip

This is an open system as energy is allowed to pass through it

Sediment cells

  • They are simplified models of sections of coastlines
  • There are 11 around england split into subcells
  • Each one is a closed system
  • Bound by headlands, estuaries etc
  • Finer sediment can move into adjacent cells but coarser material cannot

Ghana coast

In 1961 Americans built the Akosombo Dam across the Rova Volta to create HEP and an metal industry which employed many local residents. It provided power and income to Ghana

However the dam trapped the flow of sediment which goes to the estuary of the Rova Volta

So the guinea current has started to erod the estuary of the Rova Volta and due to the lack of sediment is eroding further down the west coast of Africa


The Guinea current carries 1.5 million m3 of sediment per year

The Akosombo Dam trapped sediment, which in turn didn't reach the Estuary

The 1300m break water at Lome- good for trade but traps sediment


  • Keta has been severly eroded and there is little left fo the area now
  • Tropicana lost 100m inland over 5 years…


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