Coastal transportation and deposition

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The material that's been eroded is moved around the coast and deposited by waves.

Transportation is the movement of material

Material is transported along coasts by a process called longshore drift:

1) Waves follow the direction of the prevailing winds

2) They usually hit the coast at an oblique angle ( any any that's not a right angle).

3) The swash carries material up the beach, in the same direction as the waves.

4) The backwash then carries material down the beach at right angles, back towards the sea.

5) Over time, material zigzags along the coast.

There are four other processes of transportation:

Traction- large particles like boulders are pushed along the sea bed by the force of the water.

Suspension- small particles like silt and clay are carried along in the water.

Saltation- pebble-sized particles are bounced along…


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