coastal protection case study- east anglia

  • lithology- of cliffs on Norfolk coast- made of soft sands and clays- makes them susceptible to erosion as rainwater saturation causes rotational slip, making them vulnerable to wave attack
  • long shore drift creates management challenges as dominant winds are n.easterly  creating lots of sediment drift from north to south. protecting part of coast and slowing long shore drift can reduce beaches sizes in down drift areas.
  • shoreline management plan (SMP) suggests that areas of high socio-economic value are protected and that managed retreat takes place in areas of low socio-economic value
  • SMP caused conflict as places unprotected will be lost to sea where as areas such as towns will be protected with expensive defences
  • coast at sea palling needs protecting to protect inland area of norfolk broads from flooding
  • beach at sea palling has narrowed due to groynes built at eccles which have reduced sediment at sea palling, causing sea to…


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