Coastal management strategies.

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Hard Engineering

Sea Walls:

  • Often built in front of seaside resorts.
  • Very expensive.
  • They aim to completely block the waves and their effects.
  • Life span of approximately 75 years.
  • Can cause the erosion of the beach in front of them.
  • Socially reassuring for local residents.

Wooden Groynes:

  • Wooden "fences" built at right angles to the coastline.
  • They aim to stop the movement of material along the beach due to long shore drift.
  • Their primary intention is to build up the amount of sand on the beach.
  • They have a life span of approximately 25 years.

Gabion Groynes:

  • Large steel mesh cages filled with large rocks.
  • Aligned at right angles to the coastline.
  • They aim to do a similar job to wooden groynes.
  • Expected life span of 20 - 25 years, as the steel will rust.

Rip Rap / Rock Armour:

  • Large boulders, of 10 tonnes or more, are used as a sea


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