The Operation of coasts as a system:

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Coastal zones are dynamic environments in which landscapes develop by the interaction of wind, waves, currents and terrestrial & marine sediments.

Landforms originate due to energy and sediment.

Sediment plays a role in certain processes of erosion and cycles around a system to form landforms.

Process-response method: morphology of a coastal landform is a result of processes operating around a system.

Sediment budget: how much sediment is available, its source, its store and how it leaves a system.




-       Energy from waves, winds, tides and currents.

-       LSD in

-       Geology of the coastline.

-       Beach nourishment


Erosional Components:

-       Shore platform

-       Blowhole

-       Arch

-       Stump


Depositional Components:

-       Beaches


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