coastal landscape case studies- saltburn to flamborough

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  • Rocky, upland area
  • 60km long coastal environment 
  • Discordant coastline
  • Sedimentary rock

Physical factors affecting formation:

  • NE to NW wind
  • NE to SW waves
  • Fetch over 1500km
  • Tidal range: 1.7m-5m
  • Sediment: Marine and terrestrial- cliff erosion
  • Longshore drift: north to south
  • Geology- clay (fast eroding), chalk, sandstone, shale, limestone
  • Sediment cell: sub-cell 1d
  • Landforms
    • Headlands and bays
  • Flamborough Head is an 8-mile long chalk headland topped with till (limited erosion- 0.1m per year)
  • Bays at Runswick and Whitby sands 
  • Robin Hood's…


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