Cluster 2 poems from different culture - decoding hurricance hits england _Hope this helps!!!_ :)))

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Hurricane Hits England

The poem begins in third person as it uses pronouns such as "her" and "she" but this soon changes to first person in the second stanza.

"Fearful and reassuring" this is an oxymoron used in line 7, indicating that she finds the power of the storm terrifying yet it is still soothing as it is reminding her of her past.

In the second stanza the phrase "talk to me" is repeated which emphasises her longing to be back at home, in addition, "talk to me" is an imperitive and so it shos how desperate she is for answers.- in the carribean. In addition when she says talk to me ahe uase the phonetic spelling of "huracan" like an African person would say hurricane and so it shows how she is still linked to her mother land.

"Shango" is the name of the goddess of thunder and lightning and so this storm makes her feel close to her culture. She feels that even though she is in England her anscestors are still close to her.

"Of old tongues/Reaping havoc?In new places?" This idea of old tongues is a metaphor to describe her mother land, and reaping havoc is in reference to the destruction caused by the storm. "in new places?" This shows that Nichols may have wanted to get away from her previous life of living in the Caribean. There is also a question mark at the end of the third stanza, which shows that…




In answer to your question, yes it does help!!

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