Cloning Plants and Animals

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Vegetative Reproduction

  • In flowering plants, a bit of the root, leaf or stem, can grow into new plants. This is a type of asexual reproduction and is sometimes known as vegetative reproduction.
  • This process produces plants which are genetically identical (i.e. clones) to the parent
  • Useful to gardeners and farmers as they can grow plants with desired characteristics such as fruit colour, flower shape, disease resistance,etc
  • To do this a simple way is to take cuttings: take a small length of stem, dip the end into hormone rooting powder, put the stem into a pot with damp compost, cover the pot with a bag to withold moisture and then this will grow into a plant

Tissue Culture

  • This is a process that involves cutting a tiny bit of tissue from the parent that is going to be cloned
  • The piece is grown in a sterile liquid/gel. The liquid/gel provides all the nutrients it needs to develop properly

Embryo Transplants

  • Begin in the…


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