'Climbing My Grandfather' by Andrew Whitehouse Analysis


Present tense shows journey he imagines and imitates the motion of climbing

Line 1  decide – present = sense of adventure emphasised by without rope – adds danger

Line 2= dusty and cracked represents the shoes but also the idea of age and experience – weather beaten 

Line 3 – easy scramble- climbing semantic field once again makes it seem exciting 

Line 4 – pushing into the weave – grip weave is how fabric is bound together so means getting to grips with soul of Granddad 

Line 5 – overhanging – like rock – I change leads into enjambment to line 6 direction- the focus is then on that motion – change focus on word change 

Line6- traverse – complicated manoeuvre to make shows difficult ‘along’ makes it seem a long journey

Line 7- earth-stained hand- enjoys gardening and nature perhaps why he is a mountain

Line 8-splintered (broken) give good – alliteration emphasises…


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