Climbing my Grandfather


Purpose: This poem is written to explore Andrew Waterhouse's struggle to understand his grandfather. The poem ambiguously suggests that the grandfather may have died. 

Language Features

Extended Metaphor - The 'mountain' is an allegory that represents the lengths that the narrator must go to in order to understand his grandfather.

Climbing/Mountain terminology - "rope", "net", "traverse"

Monosyllabic final line is calming to listen to, suggesting that his journey is over; he now understands his grandfather's good heart and is at peace. 


Structural Features

Enjambement represents the effort exerted by climbing. He may be stopping to notice new things, or having to stop for a moment to take it all in.

Unbroken stanza looks like a mountain, and shows the relentlessness of his journey. 



"Trying to get a grip" - Is…


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