Climatic Hazards

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- Storms with strong winds and torrential rain, developed over seas of at least 27 degrees mostly between the tropics
- They occur at different times in different places depending on tempratures, eg Aug-Oct in Atlantic but May-Dec in NE Pacific and move W due to easterly winds near the equator. Most occur between 5 and 30 degrees N and S of the equator
- Warm, moist air rises to form condensation which releases energy, (where the storms get their power) and the winds push it along as a storm
- Lose strength over land due to lack of energy from the water and eventually die
- They spin anticlockwise, are circular in shape and can last 7-14 days
- Eye of storm has low pressure, light wind, no cloud and no rain and is caused by descending air
- PRIMARY IMPACTS: Structural damage, flooding, injuries from floods and falling debris, crops damaged, sewage overflows, unstable hills from rain cause landslides, increased costal erosion
- SECONDARY IMPACTS: Homelessness, shortage of food and water, lack of sanitation, blocked transport meaning little aid transportation, unemployment from damaged businesses, traumatisation
- LEDC impact is stronger because of…


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