Climatic Hazards

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·       Between 5 and 20 degrees north or south of the equator

·       Develop over warm sea (27c +)

o   Generates energy

·       Hottest time of year

·       Anti-clockwise direction (Northern hemisphere)

·       5 categories

o   1 weakest

o   5 strongest

·       When land is hit, energy is lost

·       How it is formed :

o   Hot air rises and evaporates water

o   Water vapour condenses = Cumulonimbus clouds (thick)

o   Since the earth rotates, it begins to spin - Coriolus effect

o   Central area has very low pressure

§  Known as the eye

§  Calm and clear

§  Sucks air

o   Prevailing winds tend to steer hurricane towards land

o   Brings torrential rain and very high tides (storm surge)

§  Causes landslides and flooding


Hurricanes in LEDCs:

·       Often less prepared

o   Not enough money


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