Climate Change, since last Ice Age

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Since last Ice Age, (10,000 years ago), climate of planet has fluctuated. In 8,000 BC, less than 5 million people inhabited planet, compared to 6.7 billion of now.

Little Ice Age: (1400- 1800 AD)- ended 200 years ago.

Medieval Warm Period: (500-1100 AD)- Vikings inhabited Greenland 1000- 1350 AD. Set up settlements in 1000 and abondoned settlements in 1350 because ice began to appear (onset of LIA) making area uninhabitable- could not grow crops. Difference in ^C between 1000- 1350 AD was 0.4^C. Small ^C changes= big impact. As of1900, global ^C are rapidly increasing.

Natural processes accountable (for above changes)

Solar output (energy) from sun changes (is


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