Climate Change - Pressure Groups.

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Pressure Groups / Individuals


LAMMAS - South Wales

This case study is perfect for people doing climate change. It is about a group of people who moved to Pembrokeshire in South Wales in order to start their own little eco-village. The community has taken advantage of new legislation in order to build their eco-village.

Lammas recently attained planning permission to build an ecovillage in Wales. It combines the traditional smallholding model with the latest innovations in environmental technology.

The main proposal on the settlement is for 9 eco-smallholdings, a campsite and a community hub building over an area of 76 acres of woodland and pasture next to the village of Glandwr, Pembrokeshire. The construction of the eco-village started in 2009.


The eco-friendly buildings use a combinations of recycled and natural materials. The idea is that each family or group of people will build their home themselves and with the help of volunteers such as wwoofers. In the beginning, the idea was to build five detached homes and a terrace of four homes.

A mixture of materials and styles will be used to build the homes and buildings. These include; straw bale, earth sheltered, timber frame and cob. To limit the impact the homes will have on the landscape, the homes will be designed to fit into it as well as possible, some even being built into the sides of slopes.


The village…


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