Climate Change impact on water quality and availabiulity

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 “Climate change will have a negative impact on water quality and availability, how far do you agree?” (12 marks & 3 SPaG)

I do agree with this statement because climate change will distort the global water tables and hydrological cycle through increase in global temperatures.

This is achieved as greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere allow sun’s solar radiation to enter the atmosphere but trap the reflecting rays from escaping again, resultantly causing heating of the earth and rise in average temperatures. Rise in average temperatures around the world will disturb the hydrological cycle by changing the amount of rain in different biomes for example The Amazon Rainforest may experience droughts causing vegetation to diminish which also serves as a habitat for many animals which may be unable to cope with the fast paced ecosystem change and so could result in loss of forest and animal species. In contrast the Sahara Desert may receive an influx of rain causing floods over areas which otherwise would be dry. This means as well as affecting the biome’s characteristics, the inhabitants of the areas may experience water shortages or floods.

Climate change causing water shortages means that aquifers storing freshwater would be consumed at a faster rate than normal with less time to replenish, this would cause a


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