Climate Change

Climate Change

  • Weather: Is what we get. Can change constantly (Air pressure, wind etc.)
  • Climate: Average weather conditions, what we get over a longer period of time
  • Climate Change: How the average weather conditions change over time. 

How we can measure climate change

  • Some evidence goes back 800,000 years
  • Glacial: 100,000 Interglacial: 10,000

Long Term:

Ice Cores:

  • Taken from Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets
  • Measure CO2 given off when melted
  • Air bubbles in the core show CO2 in the ice
  • Glacial periods have low CO2 ppm
  • Carbon levels are higher now than ever

Pollen Analysis:

  • Pollen from plants preserved in sediments
  • Scientists core peat bogs where the pollen is preserved…


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