Cliff collapse, erosion and its impacts





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The Holderness coatline is in the North East of England in East Yorkshire. It runs between the Humber estuary in the south and a headland at Flamborough head.

  • North East England
  • Yorkshire

The causes of cliff collapse in the area:

  • Strong prevailing winds creating longshore drift that moves material south along the coastline.
  • The cliffs are made of a soft boulder clay. It will therefore erode quickly, especially when saturated. When saturated it's prone to slumping.
  • Hydraulic action and abrasion are powerful processes.
  • Destructive power of waves may be increasing due to slow sea level rise.
  • Exposed to strong waves (fetch)
  • Further up the coast, groyned have been used to stop the movement of sand southwards by longshore drift, and so the natural protection of a beach isn't avaliable.
  • Geology
  • Transportation
  • Processes
  • Sea level rise
  • Exposion

Why the area needs protection:

  • The village of Mappleton has approximately 50 properties
  • Destroying farms
  • Destroying main roads
  • People are losing their homes
  • The average rate of erosion is around 2m per year. (Since Roman times 4km lost and 30 villages destroyed)
  • Industry at Eastington is being threatened
  • Farms alongside the sea are devaluing and losing profits year on year as the cliff falls into the sea
  • Many of the settlements rely heavily on tourism and if they are undefended their trade could diminish as facilities close down


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