Clients with Disabilities - Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer's Disease

- Most common form of dementia

- Can being in mid-adulthood

- More commonly affects older people

- Onset is usually gradual and can be difficult to detect

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

- Increased forgetfulness - particularly new information

- Everyday problem solving becomes a struggle

- Confusion - not being able to follow a conversation, making mistakes about dates and times

- Disorientation

- Impaired performance or learned skils

- Increase in action slips

- Loss of social skills

- Disturbed sleep pattern

- Incontinence

- Lack of inihibition

- Inability to find the correct word

- Inability to understand the speech of others

- Hallucinations

- Lose the ability to produce and understand speech

Cause of Alzheimer's Disease

- In younger people the cause is presumed to be genetic

- Causes of most cases are not understood

- Abnormalities in brain chemistry seem to


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