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Name: Rosemary Jones 

Age : 

Gender: Female

Occupation: Farm manager,  Carer to user

Satus: Married 

Rosemary was Born in Devon. After marrying Roger in 1963 they bought a dairy farm in Kingsbridge and had 3 children. In 2002 they both moved to Thorndon suffolk to Rogers family farm. Romemary runs the accounting and finance of the farm, but has now passed most of that over to her chidlren as the care of roger is becoming increasingly time consuming and difficult. 

Rosemaey and Roger rarely took holidays as the farm was time consuming, but since Roger being diagnosed with alzeimers they have been on dementia adventure holiday, and a cruise 

User profile 

Name: Roger Jones


Gender: Male

Occupation: Retired farmer

Satus: Married 

Roger was born in Devon He owned a dairy farm in Kingsbridge Devon for ?? years, and then went on to farming


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