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Classification is the method used by scientists to order living organisms. All species have a unique classification that results in a binomial name. Vertebrates are an example of a classification group. Keys can be used to help to identify individual organisms.

Kingdom to species


You will remember from your Key Stage 3 studies that species with similar characteristics are put into groups, and that this is called classification. Remind yourself of the basics of classification.


The first rank in this system is called a kingdom. There are five kingdoms, based upon what an organism's cells are like:

  1. animalia (all multicellular animals)
  2. plantae (all green plants)
  3. fungi (moulds, mushrooms, yeast)
  4. prokaryotae (bacteria, blue-green…




Good notes please comment

lisa linsdell


Good notes on classification. Use the test yourself feature which removes a selection of words from the text for you to replace (worth noting that this is a random selection so sometimes the word removed could be from the description). Each time you repeat, a different selection of words are removed.

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