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Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species or:

Doctor, Kiss Please, Come On For God Sake - the 8 taxonomic groups.

Five Kingdoms:

Prokaryote (Monera) - Prokayotic e.g. Bacteria.

Protoctista - Eukaryotic, usually live in water, single/simple celled e.g. Algae.

Fungi - Eukaryotic, Chitin cell wall, Saptrophic (absorb food from the dead) e.g. Mould.

Plantae - Eukaryotic, multi-cellular, Autotrophic, (make their own food) e.g Plants.

Animalia - Heterotrophic (Consume plants and animals).

Binomial Naming System: 2 parts the Genus then Species, either written underlined or in italics.

Phylogeny: History of the evolution from a shared ancestor, tells us who's related to whom and how closely. Closely related species diverged away from…



Well, our biology teacher gave us a rather obscure way of remembering the domain system. If you would like to know please reply.


Anyway good resource


Anyway good resource

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