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1. 24th August, 79AD

early afternoon, Pliny's mum pointed out a big cloud over mountains. Elder Pliny went closer to study it, but as he got ship ready, a friend's message arrived, begging him to hep her, so he went to find her. Vesuvius errupted, ash flying into the sky like an `umbrella pine, speckled and white`. Younger Pliny had opted to stay at home, as he had some work to do.

Late Morning: `Plinian Phase`. Erruption begins. formation of `umbrella pine` collumn: thin layer of ash falls [Pliny says that the collumn was noticed at lunchtime}

2. Elder Pliny changed his plan & tried to rescue Rectina, whose villa lay at the foot of Vesuvius. he launched warships, hoping to bring help to many others besides Rectina. But even as he went towards the shore, he still took note of changes in the cloud.

Earl afternoon: white pumice stones begin to fall, blown south by winds.

3. Ash falling on ships, getting denser as they heard the shore. unable to reach Rectina, Elder Pliny turned to help his friend Pomponianus in Stabiae, who was determined to flee when the wind died down. Pliny reached him & sent him to the baths after consoling him. then they both had dinner & Pliny pretended to be cheerful.

5-6:00 PM- Pompeii- buildings start collaspingunder weight of pumice; some flee, others take refuge in houses. 394 bodies have been found who must have died at this stage.

4. Pliny went to bed & slept through the night. He was almost trapped in because of the rising levels of pumice, but when he woke up, he & Pomponianus…




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