Civil Rights Statistics and Quotations (1860-1954)

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Civil Rights Statistics and Quotations


1787 US constitution- 1 black person= 3/5 of white person

19th Century- 90% of blacks lived in South

Number of slaves-75% of Southerners did not own slaves but thought it was an effective solution to control blacks

Reconstruction Era- Only 2 black senators, both from Mississippi, with 50% black population

1900 voting percentage- 3% of blacks could vote

Reduction of Illiteracy- 90% of black illiterate in 1860 à70% in 1880

Lynching- 1885-1917, 2734 blacks lynched in USA

KKK membership-1868-1871, gained 1/2million members

Birth of a Nation- 1915, Grossed $220million (today’s money)

Great Migration – 6 million Southern blacks moved Northward between 1910 and 1970

-          53,000 Puerto Ricans moved to NYC by 1930

-          Between 1890-1920, number of blacks in Harlem, NYC, increased from 70,000 to 200,000

Economic Boom of 1920S-  blacks only earning 50%of whites’ working wages

‘Indignation Meetings’- 25 states boycotted public transport

Northern Housing- 1880s scattered housing, by 1900 90% lived in homogenous ghettos

1919 Race Riots- 25 American citiesà 2 weeks in Chicago, 38 dead, 500 injured

Universal  ***** Improvement Association-  (Marcus Garvey), ½ million members by 1925

Wall Street effect on Agriculture- 2million black farmers left land as crop prices fell

Urban employment in depression- black employment was 30-60% higher than whites

Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union (FTA)- 75% of members were black

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters- peak in 1940s of 15,000

Blacks in WWII US Armed Forces- 1.2million

Expenditure of Southern Factories during WWII- $4.5billion

FEPC’s lack of success- 2/3 out of 8000 cases brought in front of FEPC were dismissed

Increased Northern Migration- 1940- ¼ blacks lived in North by 1950 it was 1/3.

1943 Race Riots- Detroit, 9 whites and 25 blacks died and 800 injured

1943 New Orleans Bus- bus driver ordered black soldier to sit at back, all 24 black passengers jailed in support

1943 Alabama Dry Dock Company- Mobile, employed blacks, but white workers lashed out and injured 50 blacks

NAACP WWII Membership- 50,000à 450,000, 1/3 were southern and 400,000 new members in 1945


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