Civil rights

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Kerner commision report 1968
Lyndon B Johnson commisioned a report designed to undrstand why race riot in Detroit 1967 broke out. It was published a month before MLK was assassinated. It was ignored by Johnson who has already gone through with the cil rights act in 1964 and the voting rights act in 1965.
The report found...
-White people were responsible for black rioting/rebellion due to racism
-Segregation still existed and needed to be removed
-Black ghettos needed to be removed
-There should be more black police officers
-Education and housing equality still did not exist

The civil rights act of 1968 was signed by Johnson. This prohibited the discrimination in the sale, rental and financing of housing. However, it did not include many key features recommended by the Kerner commision report of 1968. It was partially in response to the poor peoples campaign set up by the SCLC to promote support for black people. MLK was involved in creating this campaign but made no significant advances during or after his life time.

There were different attitudes towards slaves in the North and the South.
Views in the South before the civil war -
-90% lived in the south in 1860s
-prestige and social position
-religious reasons…


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